Return on Investment

You can't look at the cost of applying ESN without looking at the potential return on investment. Put your data into this simple calculator and see how ESN SMART NITROGEN can help improve returns.

*Based on major crops grown in Canada and the US. ESN can be used on other crops that require N. Please consult your local fertilizer retailer or ESN Marketing Rep.
Crop Price
Nitrogen Rate (lbs N/acre)
Select Conventional Nitrogen Source

ESN Blend vs 100% UREA
ESN Blend vs 100% UREA
ESN Blend vs 100% UREA
ESN Blend vs 100% UREA

Results based on an ESN premium of $0.16 - $0.20 /lb over urea and $0.15/lb over UAN depending on region, and using recommended percentages of 50 - 80% ESN to urea/UAN in the fertilizer blends for application rates. These examples are recommended use rates. Actual yield results and local pricing may vary. Yield increases are based on averages taken from multi-year research, conducted by universities, retailers, growers, and Nutrien. Contact your local ESN Marketing Representative to learn more about how to optimize ESN into your fertility program.