Season-long nitrogen feeding yields big results.

ESN is a polymer coated nitrogen fertilizer that will improve nitrogen use efficiency in your crops and reduce nitrogen lost to the environment. ESN’s controlled-release technology delivers nitrogen to your growing crop all season long, not just when it's applied, allowing the crop to reach its full potential.

ESN SMART NITROGEN readily fits your existing fertilizer program and blends easily with other products

Flexible application options. ESN granules offer the flexibility of a wide application window that can reduce the need for (and cost of) multiple fertilizer applications.

Seed safety. The unique polymer coating allows you to apply ESN granules at up to three times the normal seed safe rate of urea at planting.

A healthier environment.ESN is Smart Nitrogen. By greatly reducing leaching, volatilization and denitrification, ESN protects the surrounding environment.

A healthier bottom line. The same technology that protects the environment also protects your investment. By drastically reducing N loss, you get more of the nitrogen you pay for.


Better yield.  Better crop quality. You’ll see the results at harvest.


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