Government Incentives

United States policies and programs

Nitrogen is a necessary but often expensive fertilizer.  The US government provides a number of nitrogen fertilizer incentives to encourage the use of environmentally friendly farming practices. As a general rule, in order to qualify, a practice should provide a benefit to (1) productivity and (2) environmental quality. ESN SMART NITROGEN provides both, in that it helps maximize crop yields and quality while protecting the air and water from nitrogen losses to the environment.

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)

Managed through NRCS at the state level, close to $1 billion dollars is available to growers for improving environmental practices. ESN qualifies under the 590 management rules, which vary by state. Nutrien Ltd. is committed to working with all state NRCS officials to develop 590 management practices that promote the use of our technology to protect the water and air. To learn more about EQIP, visit

Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP)

CSP is a voluntary program that provides financial and technical assistance to promote the conservation and improvement of soil, water, air, energy, plant and animal life, and other conservation purposes on Tribal and private working lands. The program is available in all 50 States, the Caribbean area and the Pacific Basin area. The program provides equitable access to benefits for all producers, regardless of size of operation, crops produced, or location.

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Mississippi River Basin Initiative (MRBI)

Through this initiative, NRCS and its partners help producers in selected watersheds in the Mississippi River Basin. They voluntarily improve conservation practices for nitrogen and phosphorous to minimize runoff and reduce downstream nutrient loading. To view the identified watersheds, click here.

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Cooperative Conservation Partnership Initiative (CCPI)

Under CCPI, NRCS partners with eligible groups to enhance conservation on agricultural lands. After the approval of CCPI project areas, eligible farmers submit EQIP applications.

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Conservation Incentive Grants (CIG)

CIG stimulates the development and adoption of innovative conservation approaches and technologies. These grants enable NRCS to work with public and private groups to accelerate technology transfer and adoption of promising technologies.

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