Nitrogen in Action

Effective Nitrogen? That’s a Given.
Responsive Nitrogen? That’s Amazing!

ESN® SMART NITROGEN is a urea granule encapsulated in a flexible polymer coating that protects nitrogen from loss mechanisms and controls its release to match plant demand. We call it responsive because the rate at which ESN releases its nitrogen is regulated by soil temperature.  It’s why crops really go for ESN - they get the nitrogen they need, when they need it.

A Healthier Bottom Line

ESN drastically reduces nitrogen loss so you get more of the nitrogen you pay for and your crops get the season long feeding they need for higher yields.

Flexible Application Options

ESN granules offer the flexibility of a wide application window that can reduce the need for (and cost of) multiple fertilizer applications. And ESN blends easily with other products.

Seed Safety

The unique polymer coating allows you to apply ESN granules at up to three times the normal seed safe rate of urea at planting.

A Healthier Environment

ESN’s polymer coating safeguards its N until it’s needed. This protects the surrounding environment by greatly reducing leaching, volatilization and denitrification.